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We wish it were a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing, but we have good news; our instant quote will give you one in a matter of seconds.

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Pricing for interpreting service depends on a unique set of variables that will impact the cost such as how long the session will be, how complicated the subject is (e.g., legal), credential requirements (e.g., medical) and so forth. Fill out our instant quote form to get the rates in a matter of seconds! We know you're busy, so we include other agencies' prices for you to compare.

Two-hour Minimum

This is the standard in the sign language interpreting industry. Don't be fooled with an agency that offers one-hour minimum because they offset the other hour by charging you either an administrative fee or travel time. Learn more about the standard two-hour minimum.

Team Interpretation

This is another standard. Usually when interpreting sessions are more than two hours long, a team of two interpreters are required. Learn why this is critical to effective communication.

Why Choose Linguabee?

We are consumer of sign language who are obsessively passionate about making the entire booking process simplified and transparent. Our homegrown online booking platform is carefully crafted for our customers, saving you time and expenses while increasing your productivity and managing large-scale requests efficiently.

No limited office hours

There are no limited office hours at Linguabee. Need to place a new request or cancel one at 4am? No problem, our proprietary booking platform is on standby to work with you immediately.

Large network of interpreters

We have a large network of contracted professional interpreters with experience and expertise in all settings to support your organizational needs.

Dedicated customer support team

Our dedicated customer support team is at the ready to work with you* -- give us a hello.

* phone or video call, text, email, live chat, fax, or snail mail if you prefer

A partnership to meet your organizational mission

As a sign language consumer and provider of interpreting services, we are committed to deliver dependable, customized solutions that meets your need for on-going and long-term requirements for integrated and inclusive communication.

We are the only provider with a homegrown booking platform resourced to meet interpreting requests saving you time and expenses while increasing your productivity. Your trust in us to deliver the highest-quality interpreter in every settings to achieve customer satisfaction is our aim.

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Our Industries

We serve any type of industries imaginable


We work with all sizes of startups, businesses, corporations, private & public companies for employees and customers.

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Conferences & Events

We cover all conferences & events from personal gatherings to national conferences that requires multiple interpreters.

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We work with all types and sizes of county, local, state, and federal government for employees and their clients.

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Human Resources

Managing interviews, hiring, training, performance review, conflicts, benefits and more for personnel and employees.

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K-12 Education

Early childhood, kindergarten, 1st through 12th grade requiring EIPA and state credentials.

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Legal services such as courtroom, deposition, attorney-client, interview, mediation for lawyers and clients.

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Medical & Healthcare

Private practices, medical centers, and hospitals for doctors, nurses, physicians and dentists providing medical care for patients.

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Mental Health

Communication barriers are often a challenge in a mental health setting. We can work with you.

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Community colleges, Colleges/universities, and higher educational institutions for faculty, staff, and students.

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Social Services

Community-based philanthropic assistance such as counseling, job training, financial support, housing and more.

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Tips and insights to maximizing communication access through interpreting services.