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Linguabee's tailored workshop and training is designed to maximize customer satisfaction and improve staff productivity and efficiency.

Maximizing Communication Access

With the fast-growing demand for equal access to services, our workshops and training are designed to maintain and support your organization’s strong service standards. Linguabee’s workshops and training focus on developing an inclusive environment and workplace for your personnel, employees, or students with knowledge. Our comprehensive content has been developed by subject matter experts who are Deaf themselves.

Linguabee’s workshops and training are delivered in-person increasing productivity and eliminating the need for travel or missed work time.

Workshops we offer

  • Deaf 101
  • How to maximize the use of interpreting services
  • How to create an inclusive workplace for Deaf, hard of hearing, or DeafBlind employees
  • How to create an inclusive learning environment for Deaf, hard of hearing, or DeafBlind students
  • Basic signs and effective strategies to communicate with Deaf colleagues or students
  • Understanding the role and boundaries of an ASL interpreter
  • What is the American with Disabilities Act and what are your obligations?
  • Audism: A form of oppression of Deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind. What can we do about it?
  • The benefits of using a Certified Deaf Interpreter
  • The standards in the sign language interpreting industry

Workshops can be offered to your organization at no cost. Contact us to learn more about our free workshops or other training that your organization would benefit from.

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