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Our in-house online booking platform has been tailored to manage interpreting services extremely easy 24/7/365 ‐ free to use, no obligations.


Effortless booking with our homegrown platform available to use today

Provider-matching Algorithm

Our proprietary provider-matching algorithm will prioritize the best-fit interpreters based on varying factors. Learn more.

Manage Recurring Services

Handling a semester-long classes can be a nightmare but not with our recurring features which makes it a breeze.

Instant Broadcast

As soon as your request is made, our system automatically begins the process of finding you the right interpreter. Even at 3:00 AM.

Real-time Status Tracking

Always be informed of any status on your request such as interpreter assignment, detail changes or any messages from interpreters.

Expense Codes

Apply purchase order number or the like on your requests to streamline your accounts payable and receivable workflow.

Budget Tracking

Get notified when your account is approaching the budget threshold or has exceeded it.

Invoicing History

Access to all of your current and past invoices from Linguabee anytime.

Team Roles

Assign specific requesting and billing privileges to your team members when accessing the account.

FERPA & HIPAA Compliant

Privacy and security is our priority. We use strict FERPA & HIPAA compliant encryption solutions.

Upload Materials

Parking maps or prep materials help your interpreters get prepped ahead of time.

Interpreter Ratings

Rate and provide constructive feedback to your interpreters after each service.

Interpreter Profiles

Access our interpreter profiles to review their bio, training, certifications and evaluate for best fit.

Direct Message Interpreters

Communicate with your assigned interpreters directly to help prepare for the service ahead of time.

Preferred Interpreters List

Manage a list of preferred interpreters to ensure they have first dibs to give you service consistency.

Provider-matching algorithm

Our proprietary algorithm is a time and cost-saving matchmaking mechanism that scans for best-fit interpreters based on thousands of variables such as skill, preferences, availability, service history, and more.

Immediate benefits available to you:

  • Get the right interpreter the first time.

  • Increase customer satisfaction that boosts organizational productivity and morale.

  • Quicker fill rates.

Free and available to use immediately.
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