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Ours is a story of discovery.

The Linguabee Story

In 2013 we asked ourselves, why is it still so hard to book a sign language interpreter?

Discovering the answer to this question is what has rolled us out of bed each morning since.

We’ve discovered so many things. Things like, people who use and people who book sign language interpreters have been frustrated by the booking process. That they know their needs best and are equipped to decide which interpreter is best suited to work with them.

So, we’ve tried some things. Some of it didn’t work. Some of it didn’t in spectacular fashion.

But, we learned.

Most importantly, we learned that it was the companies providing the service that made the booking process so complicated. That transparency is truly the best policy. And that we needed to just get out of the way.

We also learned that when the right question is paired with a dogged determination to discover the answer, it can result in the creation of a company that changes how sign language interpreting services are delivered.

We are Linguabee.

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