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SoCal Interpreting & Translation Services

The geographic and cultural region of Southern California and home of a largely populated sign language community. There is a substantial footprint in K-12 education, theatre & performance, service-based agencies, and many more. This provides a constant need for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting and translation services in SoCal and nearby areas like San Diego, Riverside, Riverside, and Los Angeles.

Interpreting and Translation

Services we provide in SoCal

On-site ASL Interpreting

The interpreter shows up at your requested location.

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Virtual Interpreting

A contactless alternative to on-site interpreting utilizing video-conferencing solutions.

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Video Remote Interpreting

Receive interpreting services through a video conferencing solution.

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On-Demand VRI

Need an interpreter right this moment? Connect with an interpreter immediately through our On-Demand VRI service.

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Over-the-Phone Interpreting

On-Demand phone or over-the-phone interpretation is available in more than 250 languages.

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Captioning Services

We provide a wide variety of captioned media services such as CART, C-Print and Closed Captioning.

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How Linguabee Works

A booking platform that allows you to request and receive an ASL interpreter or translation services from wherever you are

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Know who's coming

Take a glance at your assigned service provider and communicate with them prior to the request if needed.

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Pay your invoice within 30 days using one of ur accepted payment methods.

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Our Professional Services

Linguabee interpreters has the credentials and qualifications to serve all industries imaginable.

K-12 Education

Early childhood, kindergarten, 1st through 12th grade requiring EIPA and state credentials.

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Community colleges, Colleges/universities, and higher educational institutions for faculty, staff, and students.

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We work with all sizes of startups, businesses, corporations, private & public companies for employees and customers.

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Legal services such as courtroom, deposition, attorney-client, interview, mediation for lawyers and clients.

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Theatre & Performance

An artistic production and entertainment before an audience that requires on-stage interpretation.

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Medical & Healthcare

Private practices, medical centers, and hospitals for doctors, nurses, physicians and dentists providing medical care for patients.

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Receive customized quote and budget for interpreting services

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