We are a
sign language interpreting agency
We are a
sign language interpreting agency

Sign language interpreting is complicated. Booking an interpreter doesn't have to be.


Who is Linguabee?

We are sign language consumers and we come to work every day because we believe there is a better way to provide interpreting services. A more valuable, less invasive way where we earn every customer's trust in our services.

We're obsessively passionate about the entire booking process as it is one of the most complex and time-consuming in the service industry. Our mission is to simplify the booking process through our software, training and community.

Our culture. Our language. We are Linguabee.

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98.9% fill rate
24/7 online booking
100% transparent

How does it work?


Describe your booking

Share the pertinent details of your booking and specify the date, time, and location you’d like the sign language interpreter to show up.


Review your match

We’ll get busy and let you know who’s available with our provider-matching algorithm. 24/7 access to your request online, to review your booking with specific sign language interpreters with the type of experience, credentials, and community-based ratings you need.


Get it done

At the specified date and time, your interpreter will arrive and do their thing. When the job is complete, consumer leaves a review rating their experience working with Linguabee and the selected sign language interpreter.

Industries We Serve

Let us bring top-shelf interpreters to you while you focus on your organizational mission.


We work with all sizes of startups, businesses, corporations, private & public companies for employees and customers.

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Conferences & Events

We cover all conferences & events from personal gatherings to national conferences that requires multiple interpreters.

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We work with all types and sizes of county, local, state, and federal government for employees and their clients.

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Human Resources

Managing interviews, hiring, training, performance review, conflicts, benefits and more for personnel and employees.

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K-12 Education

Early childhood, kindergarten, 1st through 12th grade requiring EIPA and state credentials.

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Legal services such as courtroom, deposition, attorney-client, interview, mediation for lawyers and clients.

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Medical & Healthcare

Private practices, medical centers, and hospitals for doctors, nurses, physicians and dentists providing medical care for patients.

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Mental Health

Communication barriers are often a challenge in a mental health setting. We can work with you.

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Community colleges, Colleges/universities, and higher educational institutions for faculty, staff, and students.

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Social Services

Community-based philanthropic assistance such as counseling, job training, financial support, housing and more.

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Online Booking Features

Access and book interpreting services 24/7/365 using our homegrown online booking platform.

Proprietary features were built with you in mind making your booking process a walk in the park.

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Provider-matching Algorithm
Manage Recurring Services
Instant Broadcast
Real-time Status Tracking
Expense Codes
Budget Tracking
Invoicing History
Team Roles
FERPA & HIPPA Compliant
Upload Materials
Interpreter Ratings
Interpreter Profiles
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