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Social Services

People work collectively and in partnerships with community-based organizations to serve the unique needs of their community.

Your social mission is covered with our services

Linguabee, as a trusted and dependable partner, is an integral solution to many social services departments by bridging their services and the communities.

Our professional interpreters have expertise in economic and social well being of individuals to serve all settings such as:

  • Community Engagement & Outreach
  • Employment Training
  • Community Programs
  • Child & Adult Services
  • Job Search
  • Housing
  • Food Stamps
  • Unemployment

Why Choose Linguabee?

We are consumer of sign language who are obsessively passionate about making the entire booking process simplified and transparent. Our homegrown online booking platform is carefully crafted for our large social services customers, saving you time and expenses while increasing your productivity and managing large-scale requests efficiently.

No limited office hours

There are no limited office hours at Linguabee. Need to place a new request or cancel one at 4am? No problem, our proprietary booking platform is on standby to work with you immediately.

Large network of professionals

We have a large network of contracted professional interpreters and translators with experience and expertise in social services to support your social needs.

Dedicated customer support team

Our dedicated customer support team is at the ready to work with you* -- give us a hello.

* phone or video call, text, email, live chat, fax, or snail mail if you prefer

98.9% fill rate
24/7 online booking
100% transparent

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