K-12 Education interpreting services

K-12 Education

Children with language barriers are often at risk of falling behind. Linguabee, your most trusted and dependable partner, works with school districts across states to create an inclusive learning environment, ensuring every child stays on par with their peers.

Your educational mission is covered with our services

Classroom interpreting is more than just knowing how to sign competently. Interpreting for children and youth is vastly different than interpreting for adults and must possess proper credentials and qualifications to provide services.

Our professional interpreters have expertise in K-12 to serve all settings such as:

  • Classrooms
  • Field trips
  • Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Tutoring
  • Back to School Night
  • After-school activities
  • IEP meetings
  • Assemblies
  • Vocational
  • Professional Development

Why Choose Linguabee?

We are consumer of sign language who are obsessively passionate about making the entire booking process simplified and transparent. Our homegrown online booking platform is carefully crafted for our large K-12 customers, saving you time and expenses while increasing your productivity and managing large-scale requests efficiently.

No limited office hours

There are no limited office hours at Linguabee. Need to place a new request or cancel one at 4am? No problem, our proprietary booking platform is on standby to work with you immediately.

Large network of professionals

We have a large network of contracted professional interpreters and translators with experience and expertise in K-12 to support your educational needs.

Dedicated customer support team

Our dedicated customer support team is at the ready to work with you* -- give us a hello.

* phone or video call, text, email, live chat, fax, or snail mail if you prefer

98.9% fill rate
24/7 online booking
100% transparent

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