Onboarding Support

Linguabee's onboarding support ensures communication access when it is needed

Maximizing Communication Access

Linguabee wants to ensure that a fully-integrated inclusive environment is created for every and each of our clients. Part of our goal, we offer the onboarding support all clients need to maximize the communication access solutions they have chosen quickly and efficiently. Our culturally-experienced onboarding team works closely with the Sales Bees to implement and optimize new and existing accounts.

We work with all organizations and their staff closely, to train on how to book sign language interpreters, maximize the use of interpreting services, and create an inclusive experience. Onboarding quickly optimizes your language access solution to maximize customer satisfaction and increase staff productivity.

Communication Access Guidance

Our onboarding team can provide the following support at your location:

  • An interview to evaluate and propose the best options for a communication access solution
  • Customized onboarding sessions to provide support in the use of interpreting services and how to maximize communication access
  • Support materials for your organization’s employee, customers, students, and all other stakeholders

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