We are Linguabee, nice to meet you!

Passionate worker bees who share the same mission of making a difference in providing sign language interpreting services.

Azeria Smith

number bee

A mother of two awesome kids who enjoys art, hiking, metalsmithing, Netflix all while sipping java.

Brie Montoya

content bee

Slaying it in the world of e-commerce + customer service since 2007. I’m an enthusiast of a little too many things in life. Art, style, world travel, yoga, reading maps & food to name a few. I’m always eagerly planning my next adventure with my husband + French bulldog, Sasha.


queen bee / founder

An outdoor enthusiast who enjoys doing just about anything outside as long as it doesn't involve a motor. Being nearly empty-nested, my sweetheart and I enjoy taking any moment we can have with my two sons.

Chad W. Taylor

geek forebee / founder

A programmer since the days of C64, you can find me at the or my wood- grill. I'm always looking forward to my next family vacation with my partner and 3 kids.

Damon Timm

geek bee

Enjoys only a few things more than coding unit tests: running, camping, and spending time at the beach with my family.

Heather Cassinelli

happy bee

A California native currently in central Pennsylvania. I enjoy video games, eating yummy food and road trips with my husband. I also have two coolest Boston Terriers who makes it their daily goal to keep me on my toes with their crazy high level energy.

Jessica Chrysler

happy forebee

A Colorado native who is truly blessed to have nature in my backyard. My pup tags alongside me on my adventures. I'm obsessing on turning my thumb green to keep my plants alive.

Norma Moran

proposal editor bee

I am always on the go! I thrive on learning new stuff and sharing information with others. My family and community involvement are my gigantic cup of tea.

Ryan Shephard

operations forebee / founder

Aka Mountain Goat. A nickname among my friends for my love of mountains, backpacking, hunting for primitive hot springs, night hiking, and yeah, probably because of how I climb.

Tenja Smith

happy bee

An adventurer of nature through camping, hiking, and skiing in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. Some might consider me as a crazy cat lady, but snuggling with my cats are what I live for. I thrive to be more eco-friendly on a daily basis.

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