Deaf Interpreter

Nebraska  •  Independent Contractor

Deaf Interpreters with demonstrated experience and cultural competency to serve Linguabee’s growing client base in the healthcare, government services and educational sectors. This position seeks independent contractors to fill assignments on an as needed basis. Interpreters will travel to the clients’ location to provide interpreting services face-to-face. Interpreting assignments may be technical or non-technical in the fields of business, trainings, conferences, performances, healthcare, government services, education, and legal.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Hold a current nationally recognized certification, state credentials, or have completed at least 40 hours of interpreter training including but not limited to: 8 hours/0.8 CEUs required on the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct ‐ Recommended topics include: Ethical Decision Making and Ethics in Interpreting, 8 hours/0.8 CEUs required on the Introduction to Interpreting such as Interpreting 101, 8 hours on the Process of Interpretation such as The Deaf Interpreter at Work, Deaf/Hearing Team Interpreting, Deaf/Deaf Team Interpreting, Interpreting for Deaf Blind consumers, Deaf Interpreting Processes, Deaf Interpreting Theory and Practice, Consecutive Interpreting, Simultaneous Interpreting, Sight/Test Translation, Visual Gestural Communication, and Platform Interpreting, 16 hours on the elective(s) of your choice such as ASL Linguistics, Mentorship Programs, and Interpreting Practicum, Additional training in any of the required content areas above.
  • Must demonstrate fluency in English and American Sign Language, including excellent expressive and receptive skills and successfully pass Linguabee’s internal screening process.
  • An independent contractor is expected to be an operating business. Therefore, when you work with Linguabee, we are actually contracting with your business, rather than your private identity. Refer to the state requirements below for examples of documentation to show that you operate your own business.
  • Resume
  • Driver’s License
  • College degrees/transcripts if any
  • Automobile insurance if using own vehicle at a job site (Some contracts require that service providers carry coverage when they are on their property (I.e., college campus) for liability purposes)

Nebraska State Requirements:

  • Documentations to show that you operate your own business: FEIN tax number, business cards, advertising materials, and/or LLC/S-Corp/C-Corp
  • QAST, RID card, EIPA, and/or other certifications or state credentials if any
  • State License
  • Professional Liability Insurance (optional)

Bonus points:

  • You love animated GIFs and emojis  
  • Bee protective of bees, especially pink bees

If some of the criteria may not be met, please contact to see what the alternatives may be.

We accept applications from experienced interpreters to receive work on an as-needed basis. Only qualified interpreters are taken into consideration for assignments. Please be sure to include any and all credentials, certifications and experience.


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Equal Opportunity Employer
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, age, pregnancy, genetic information, or any other consideration prohibited by law or contract.