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Linguabee helps you find interpreters to fulfill your specific communication needs, whether it is professional, enterprise, or personal, we help you find the right person for the job!

Request an Interpreter

1. Post your interpreting request

Tell Linguabee when, where, and why you need interpreters and who’s paying – you or the doctor, lawyer, etc.

2. Receive and review bids

Get bids from interpreters with their rates for the assignment.

3. Choose your interpreters

Check out the interpreters’ Linguabee profiles and then hire the ones you like the best

Avoid mark ups. Pay only for what you need

Linguabee pricing is simple: we take one flat percentage of the interpreter’s posted rate. No monthly fees, no commitments, and no bullshit.

Free to use

Linguabee is free forever, we promise. Only pay for interpreting.

All major payment methods

We will accept whatever you prefer. Let us know how you prefer to pay, and we’ll work it out!

Third party billing

Want to use Linguabee for a doctor’s appointment? Make a request and tell us who’s paying. For recurring assignments, contact us and we’ll set up something with the office!

We make interpreting simple for interpreters

Talk to us if you’re an interpreter and wondering about how Linguabee can help you.

More information for interpreters

Run a better interpreting scheduling program

Allow employees to pick their own interpreters for their assignments and have approval requests and financial info sent to designated persons within the company. Use the web dashboard to manage all your company’s interpreting in one place, anywhere.

Learn more about Linguabee Business

Linguabee is expanding nationwide, one state at a time.


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