Sign language interpreting is complex.

Booking an interpreter doesn't have to be.

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You want to book an interpreter without all the confusing insider jargon. You want to know that your request is a priority, even if it only for an hour. You’re exhausted by the endless back and forth “required” to book an interpreter. You just want to book a interpreter when it’s convenient for you - even if it’s after hours. You want input on who interprets for your requests.

Better yet, you want to read reviews on interpreters before you select them.

You deserve this and more.

High Praise

“ Linguabee's booking system is easy to use and saves you time. The ability to book an interpreter any time helps me do my job better. ”

Becca, medical coordinator

What we know

It’s the company that you find super helpful that will earn your business.

A few things to give you sense of how we can help.

It can be confusing

It is very common for a person requesting services for the first time to feel overwhelmed and confused. It happens to the best of people.

The Linguabee booking process is an informative, transparent, and jargon free experience that guides you through the process of booking an interpreter. In addition to saving you time, this process empowers you to select the interpreter that is best suited to your circumstance.

The truth about interpreter availability

98.2% of sign language interpreting agencies prioritize the availability of their interpreters according to the length and profitability of your request.

With Linguabee, you broadcast your request and see interpreters bid to work with you in realtime. You select them, chat with them about their experience. We stay out of the way.

Want more input on interpreter selection?

It is most common for interpreting agencies to make the decision on which interpreter will come to your location.

With Linguabee, you are in charge.
• You broadcast your requests
• Interpreters bid to work with you
• You see who is available in real-time
• You select the one that is the best fit

Surprised by the cost of an interpreter?

It is very common for a person requesting services for the first time to feel surprised by the cost and service terms required to book sign language interpreting services.

Linguabee is confident that it offers a reasonable rate for services and provides a comparison calculator of local competitors to give you the proof.

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