There is no failure, only feedback.


From all the interpreter ratings we collected, we confirmed the way to achieve
99.5% consumer satisfaction:


When you support choices and transparency, everyone wins.

How it Works

Request for Feedback

After each assignment, feedback email is sent to consumers.

Feedback Submitted

Consumers are asked to rate their experience from 1 to 5 stars. Detailed feedback are optional.

Summary Email

Interpreters receive their feedback summary via email on a bi-weekly basis.

Displaying Scores

Interpreter’s average rating score is visible only during the bidding process.

There is no failure, only feedback‘ talks about Linguabee’s vision behind providing feedback and how it works exactly.

Why does feedback matter?

Matching made easier

Out-of-town visitors and hearing requestors do hire interpreters. But which interpreter? Access to interpreters’ profile and ratings will enable them to make informed decisions on hiring.


What would be ideal? Nobody knows. With feedback loop sourced by the community, interpreters can work on becoming the ideal interpreter providing excellent communication access.


Ratings promote an environment in which service providers continually strive to be the best they can be. Every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are scores calculated?

Linguabee has developed a straightforward formula for scores. Each smiley face is assigned a number, 1 through 5. 1 being the sad face, and 5 being the happy face. When a customer selects a face, the database saves the score associated with that interpreter and the assignment.

An interpreter’s overall score will be calculated as an weighted average over the span of one year. Scores older than one year will not count towards an interpreters’ overall score. Linguabee believes that with feedback, interpreters will improve over time, and a moving window of the last one year is the best way to reflect current skills.

Where and when are average scores displayed?

They are displayed during the bidding process to help consumers with choosing the interpreter who is the best fit for the assignment.

Scores are not visible to anybody but the consumer of the assignment and yourself. After the assignment is over, your average rating score will be hidden.

Can anyone leave feedback and rating on an interpreter at any time?

No, only consumers will have the opportunity to give feedback and rate interpreters after each assignment.

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How are we doing?

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